Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The Paradigm in Kerala

There is a paradigm of hierarchy existing in Kerala. Education is such in the State that it produces the following grades of students depending on their abilities:
1. The cream, the best in studies, migrate outside Kerala (to IITs, IIMs, etc.) for higher studies and jobs.
2. The lesser ones complete professional education in Kerala and get stuck in there as Engineers and Doctors;
3. Those below them get into Civil Services like IAS, IFS, IRS, IPS, etc.
4. Those who cannot achieve this, do their PGs and settle down in colleges as teachers;
5. Those with a minimum Degree settle down to become school teachers, Govt. servants, bank employees or land in other clerical work;
6. Those who pass SSLC might become Primary School Teachers who shape the conscience of children;
7. Those with a minimum education and a lot of commonsense become businessmen, traders, or owners of small enterprises; some of them somehow escape to the Gulf Countries to do even menial jobs to make some money. They are ‘praised’ as NRIs.
8. Those who could not complete even school education settle down in hard physical labor;
9. Those who are not good enough even for that become politicians;
10. The luckiest among the last lot, the ones with some crude horse-sense and a lot of thugs as followers, become ministers!
Then, all the other categories mentioned above come under the rule of these ministers.