Thursday, September 13, 2012

Road development

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones                                         

Every gadget comes with certain advantages, and troubles if misused. The mobile phone is one like that. Consider the benefits the Internet has brought with it and also the blame that it misleads the youth into doing wrong things. But when we compare the positives and the negatives, the benefit certainly outweighs the minus side.
The recent decision in Kerala to ban the use of mobile phones in Government offices is a retrograde step in the context of advancing technology. When the Government is trying to implement e-governance in all departments, the latest advances in the use of mobile phones is totally neglected.
Mobile phones are now not just a mechanism to talk to someone. Almost all functions that can be done through the internet can also be done through the phones. The smart phones that come out now are capable of replacing the computers, as has lap-top pushed out desk-tops.When the emphasis is on reducing the need for people visiting Offices, what can be done over the phone gets a lot of importance. It is well known how difficult it is to meet someone in an office because of the crowd gathering there, how convenient it would be if you have the mobile number of the right person and make enquiries about the progress of your file! In the modern days when even banking and payments can be done through the phone, and when even banks discourage people from going personally to the branches, why should people be denied this facility in Government offices alone? Also, think of the time and money involved in a person personally presenting himself in the office to get something done. And, how many times he will have to go there to get it done! In many cases, a person may have to take leave from his office many times to achieve this, thus putting his own office out of gear. When payment of utility bills, tax, etc. is increasingly being encouraged all over the world, why should Kerala alone go many steps backward in making use of modern technology? Communicating through the mobile phone will take away a heavy load of traffic from the roads and also help reduce fuel consumption to a great extent. It also reduces the chances of personal influence and bribery to a great extent.
Also, let us not forget how the mobile phone has helped the police to trace and nab hard core criminals!
It is high time that the untimely order was reversed and people encouraged to interact through mobile phones with Government offices.