Sunday, January 05, 2014


       One of the easiest and cheapest ways to remember great men is forcing the government to name some roads already in use after the person some people like. Thus, almost every other road is named after #Mahathma Gandhi, which is shortened to MG. Other establishments that get named after are airports, bus stations and railway stations. Place names have already given way to names of people. You no more travel from Mumbai to Delhi, but from #Chathrapathi to #Indiragandhi!           
           Another easy way is installing #statues. Many people believe that the best way to remember a great man is creating a statue of that person and install it on the roadside. Anyway, the dead person is not likely to object. Such statues are often neglected even by those who caused it to be there. Nobody cares for it except when somebody attempts to destroy or desecrate it. Such acts are generally done to ignite the wrath of the group the person was supposed to belong to. The revered person stands a mute witness to all the atrocities happening around him. Have you ever thought how much money is wasted in this way, which could have been put to much better use, at least for providing basic amenities for the people living around. 
           Those who install the statues do it and go away satisfied. Nobody cares for them after that. Thousands of statues pave the way all across the country, only to be neglected, only to block further development. Politicians do not discourage  the installation of statues, since they don't want to hurt the sentiments of the groups behind it. They always have their eye on the 'supposed' vote banks!
           Instead of creating statues of great men on the roadside only to bear the droppings of crows and to block the easy movement of traffic, why don't the organizations which project them widen or create new roads to help people? The names of great men will be remembered thankfully at least by the users of the road!
         Statues have no significance unless the principles the great man advocated for are understood and practiced. When will the day come when the politicians and caste leaders realize this? Do we have any regard for that great person who said one temple less is so much superstition less. When will we raise the slogan 'One more toilet means so much more cleanliness'? 

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